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Wordpress Blogs

Custom Wordpress-Powered Blogs

Our web developers can create a custom designed Wordpress-powered blog starting from only $AUD 1199.

A blog is a type of website that allows your business to easily share your content and encourage interaction by allowing people to comment on your articles. For some businesses a blog may be all you need to market your business online and provide services to your customers. For other businesses a blog is a great addition to your web strategy, ensuring a regular connection is made with customers, up-to-date content is provided and SEO is improved for your regular website.

We provide a complete custom-designed blog package including SEO optimisation for your new blog.

Why should you come to us for a custom blog when you can set one up for free at

The free option is fine if you don't need a custom design and only require a simple blog with no modifications...

However, a Wordpress-powered blog built by Infinet Solutions can provide:
  • A custom design from one our top designers that integrates with your business' existing branding
  • Integrating your blog with social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn
  • More advanced SEO optimisation
  • Discussions with our consultants to understand your business objectives and align the blog with your overall web strategy
  • Advanced statistics
  • The option to install any Wordpress plugin and develop custom functionality for your blog
  • Phone and email support for using your new blog

To get started now, send us an email to or call us on 03 9005 7648.